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 ADPG2237 - VHDCI To HD68 Adapter

Cisco Router upgrades can pose problems especially when your existing systems have serial connections in place. Many companies have considerable investment in patch panels and cabling connecting network elements to the existing network equipment. The newer Cisco routers no longer support the NM16a or the NM32a RS232 asynchronous interface cards. The new routers support the HWIC serial cards. The HWIC cabling interface is a 68 pin VHDCI connection and the pinning is not compatible with the installed cabling and patch panels. Rather than replace the existing cabling and patch panels CBM has manufactured the ADPG2237 VHDCI to HD68 cable adapter which converts the physical connection. Depending on the location of the existing router and the location of the replacement new router CBM can provide the correct cabling to simplify installation. The new cable to be added is the CBLG2171-XXX which comes in standard or custom lengths.

CIS-HWIC-AS-8X2 - Cisco HWIC 8 A/S Patch Panel

Designed and built for the new Cisco HWIC 8 A/S card. (Ea. panel supports 2 cards)

  • (16) DB25 connectors on the front and (4) VHDCI connectors on the rear.


  • (2) VHDCI connectors on each HWIC 8 A/S board.


  • Available in either DTE (male DB25 connectors) or DCE ( female DB25 connectors).

  • (1) RU in height, 19" wide.


 Smart Proto Cable (SPC) - Cisco Compatible Multi-Protocol Serial Cable


  • 530A, EIA-530, RS-232, and RS-449. The options are selectable via DIP switches built into the SmartProtoCable (SPC) DB25 connector

  • The DTE/DCE option is selectable via a DIP switch. When the DCE option is chosen, the clocking provided by the Cisco router is passed onto the network element. When the DTE option is chosen, clocking is provided by an intervening element, i.e. modem

  • SmartProtoCables are stocked at many lengths. But, can also be custom manufactured to meet specific installation requirements. For shorter cables, (less than 10') the SPC eliminates the need to add cable extensions. Fewer connections improve reliability by reducing the number of possible points of failure in the network

  • Saves Initial Installation Time
  • Protocol interface can be easily changed in the field without any disassembly, precision soldering, or connector re-assembly

  • Saves Post Installation Time
  • Cable dressing does not need to be disturbed because of an interface change. Just re-option the SPC to match the desired protocol

  • Simplifies Ordering Process
  • A single cable can support up to five different interfaces. All you need to provide is the required length

  • Costs Less The SPC is comparably priced, and depending on the length purchased, costs less than the "single minded" Cisco Smart Serial Cable

NM-32A - High Density 32 Port Asynchronous Network Module

The NM-32A network module provide flexible, high-density asynchronous connectivity.  The modules support V.34 speeds at up to 4x compression (134.4 kbps) over the asynchronous connection.

Three examples where this module can be deployed follow: 

  • Small to medium-sized power branch offices where remote users require modem dial access; a fully configured Cisco 3845 chassis with four async network modules connected to the modem rack enables connectivity for up to 128 dial-in users

  • Medium-sized branch offices that require a high-density terminal server; a fully configured Cisco 3845 chassis with four async network modules connected to the modem rack (with optional custom cables) enables connectivity for up to 128 terminal connections

  • Telemetry applications, connecting a NM-32A module to private branch exchange (PBX) serial ports, data collection equipment, or router consoles



 NM-8A/S - 8-port Async/ Sync Network Module

  • Eight Asyn/Sync ports

  • Uses Cisco 60 Pin "5 in 1" connectors

  • Uses the same cabling as Cisco 2500 and Cisco 7000

  • Maximum speed is 115.2 kbps for Async, 128 kbps for Sync external clock, and 125 kbps for internal clock




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