Network Element Connectivity

This section provides a convenient on-line copy of our latest Network Element Connectivity Guide (Issue 6) which Network Connectivity Guide  - Issue 6 supplies a guide to connecting Network Elements to the BNS-2000 VCS network for data collection and surveillance.

Select the network element or adapter from the lists below. This will take you to the respective equipment diagrams, connection information, cable pinout references, and information required to connect to the BNS-2000 VCS network.

Feel free to contact us if you require a hard copy of the guide.


Network Elements


ACT (Dynatek) Fujitsu FLM 150

Ascend Fujitsu FLM 2400

AI-2524 Cisco Card Fujitsu FLM 600

Alcatel GDC 2000

Applied Innovations 180 IMTN Black Box

Bay Networks Remote Node IMTN A or B Ports (5 thru 8)

Bay Stack Access Node Larscom Split T

Boston Tech. VMS System Litespan 2000

Cisco 2524 Litespan 2012

Cisco 4000 & 7000 aux port Newbridge

Cisco 4000 and 7000 console Nortel OC3 / OC48

Cisco 5002 Catalyst NSFS LTU


DDM2000 Soneplex

Digilog & MRC-2(STP) Synoptics 5000

FT2000 Titan





ADPDTE25M DB25 DTE Male Connector

ADPDTE25F DB25 DTE Female Connector

ADPDCE25M DB25 DCE Male Connector

ADPDCE25F DB25 DCE Female Connector

ADPDTE9M DB9 DTE Male Connector

ADPDTE9F DB9 DTE Female Connector

ADPDCE9M DB9 DCE Male Connector

ADPDCE9F DB9 DCE Female Connector

ADPSDTE25M DB25 Syncronous DTE Male Connector

ADPSDTE25F DB25 Syncronous DTE Female Connector

ADPSDCE25M DB25 Syncronous DCE Male Connector

ADPSDCE25F DB25 Syncronous DCE Female Connector