User Manual
CBM Informational Patch Panel
Version: DCE





Version 2.4
February, 2009




CBM of America Informational Patch Panel



The CBM Informational Patch Panel (IPP) is a passive (non-powered) 16 port interconnection device designed to be used in conjunction with the Datatek DT-4000. Although the DT-4000 was designed to replace the Lucent SAM16, the hardware interface from the SAM16 to the network elements was originally DB25. Since the DT-4000 utilizes RJ45 connections to the network elements, CBM designed the IPP to accept the original DB25 connections from the elements while also providing visual signal indicators to aide in trouble-shooting and installation. The IPP is 3.5 X 19 X 1.25 inches and mounts in a 19-inch rack and can be equipped with adapters for 23 and 25-inch racks.


  • Six LED signal indicators for each individual port
  • Switch selectable synchronous / asynchronous operation for each individual port
  • Test 'loopback' port with visual indicators

Theory of Operation
The individual ports on the IPP operate in either synchronous or asynchronous (factory default) mode depending on the position of the rocker switch on the front of the panel. Please refer to the diagram below for the signaling characteristics utilized in each mode ('A' for asynchronous, 'S' for synchronous). Note: The LED Signal names are referenced to the rear of the IPP on the DB25 side. A red LED indicates negative voltage or no signal activity, and a green LED indicates positive voltage or signal activity. In synchronous mode the RTS LED will not illuminate (OFF) and clock (TXC) will be present rather than CTS. Please refer to the following page for the physical position of the LEDs and the synchronous / asynchronous switch.

Theory of Operation (cont.)
The diagram below shows the physical layout of the front of the IPP. The remaining ports (2-16) are not shown but have the identical layout to port 1.

Mount the IPP in the associated rack and connect to the DT-4000 with straight thru RJ45 cables. Corresponding ports should be wired together ( i.e.: DT-4000 Port 1 wires to IPP Port 1 ). Set the Sync / Async switch for desired operation. Connect the associated Network Elements to the Female DB25 connectors on the rear of the IPP.

Test Port Operation
The Test Port on the IPP is a loopback device with signal indicators that is used in conjunction with the resident Datakit SAM diagnostics. To utilize this feature, cable the DT4000 port under test to the Test Port of the IPP via the included straight through RJ45 test jumper and execute the SAM Datakit diagnostics.

CBM of America warrantees this product for all manufacturer and operational defects for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. For Technical Support or information concerning this or any other CBM product, please call 800-881-8202.