A New Product for BNS-2000/Datakit®!!!!!

In response to our customers many requests to provide a replacement tape drive for the aging, and failing Lucent TN2097 40MB tape cartridge drive, CBM is very pleased to announce the release of our new TN2244 4MM DAT Tape Drive. CBM's TN2244 4MM DAT Tape Drive was designed to provide a seamless transition for any Lucent BNS-2000/Datakit® II VCS Node using the 40MB ECPU Controller and running on BNS-2000/Datakit® II Generic Release 6.0 (Build 93 or higher). All new software releases from Datatek Applications will automatically include the enhancements that are required to support the TN2244 for customers who have a CBM SmartCare® BNS-2000/Datakit® Support agreement in place.

The TN2244 Tape Drive not only provides a more reliable and higher capacity tape media, but the time required to complete a tape load or backup has been dramatically reduced. The TN2244 is $1,950.00 and comes with a CBM 5 year advance/exchange warranty.