Central Office Multiplexer Products


Compatibility...For Ease of Implementation

CO/SAM 128 supports up to four TERM32 (or UN315) cards. To make room for the additional TERM32 cards, a newly designed, more compact power supply has been incorporated in the CO/SAM 128 design package. All other parts or subassemblies are interchangeable between the two SAMs. Thus the migration from CO/SAM 64 to CO/SAM 128 will allow you to maximize your existing investment in addition sparing requirements.

The Back Panel of the CO/SAM 128 no longer requires internal cables to connect from the backplane to the 50 pin Telco connectors. The I/O Cards have been designed to connect directly to the backplane. The Telco connectors readily accept mini 50 pin digh-density locking cables. These locking cables ensure that the connections to CO/SAM 128s mounted on sliding shelves will remain secure thus maintaining system integrity.

  Expandability...For Future Growth

CO/SAM 128 is designed with system expansion in mind. An expansion CO/SAM 160 with up to five TERM32 cards can be daisy-chain connected via an expansion port incorporated on the CO/SAM 128 Back Panel. You can add up to 160 additional ports for a total of 288 ports per nodal trunk interface. This expansion capability provides the lowest cost per network element connection available for Central Offices using Lucent DATAKIT BNS/VCS® data switching technology.

Upgradeability...For Investment Protection

To facilitate your migration from CO/SAM 64 to CO/SAM 128, we offer a system upgrade program. You can tell us your requirements for CO/SAM 128s or we will survey your central office network and develop a migration schedule, which will absolutely minimize transition downtime and maximize your system's expansion and growth potential.

Remember, upgrading from CO/SAM 64 to CO/SAM 128 allows you to protect your investment in existing facilities, DSU/CSUs, and fail switch technology while accommodating increased demand for inexpensive network element connections.



Features - Benefits
  • Full compatibility with existing CO/SAM 64s minimizes sparing requirements.

  • Automatically reports fan failures to Starkeeper™ for remote monitoring purposes.

  • Equipped with an integrated Alarm Panel to provide audible and visual fan alarms.
  • Slide-out Fan Tray Assemblies allow ease of maintenance.

  • NEBS compliance ensures safe system integrity and operation with the central office environment.

  • 5 year parts warranty minimizes replacement costs due to failures.

  • CO/SAM 128 is available in an A/C version where D/C power is not available.


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