DT-6061 Embedded Network Processor

IP-PAD - Eliminate the Need, Complexity and
Expense of Specialized X.25 Equipment


Certain network element devices continue to use the protocol suite X.25.With the transition of many networks towards IP, telnet access to individual Virtual Circuits on these X.25 Network Element devices is a problem to be solved.The IP-PAD application is a reliable and cost effective solution.The IP-PAD application eliminates the need, complexity, or expense of specialized X.25 equipment. Further, it allows any available port on a DT-4000, or a DT-2020 connected SAM, or even a BNS endpoint such as a SAM port, to be used for NE access.

What are DT-6061 and DT-6160?

The DT-6061 and DT-6160 are embedded Network Processors which applies customer specific protocol operations (protocol translation and termination) of network connections that require such a function in a distributed network.

  What is the IP-PAD Application?

The IP-Pad application of the DT-6061 and DT-6160 allows X.25 devices to be connected to a synchronous port anywhere in the network.

Connectivity to the virtual circuits on the X.25 port is provided by the IP-PAD application via a telnet TCP-IP connection.The IP-PAD application supports both X.3 PAD, and Pass-Through functionality on a per virtual circuit basis.



In the above configuration, there is one circuit carrying X.25 LAPB frames from the DT-6061 or DT-6160 to a DT-4000 connected NE or a SAM connected NE.The X.25 Network Element may be anywhere on the available networks (either BNS or IP). IP Hosts access the virtual circuits on these Network Elements via a TCP port number per virtual circuit on the DT-6061 or DT-6160. BNS Hosts access the virtual circuit via the UMI.The same is true of terminal and PC devices on either the BNS or the IP network.

Multi-Application Support

The DT-6061 and DT-6160 supports a multitude of applications. It has the ability to support simultaneous operation of different applications.There is no interaction between applications except that they share the same hardware and operating environment.

  Smart Network Management

The DT-6061 or DT-6160 Platform and IP-PAD Application can be managed via the DT-6061 or DT-6160 Console port, a terminal, PC dial-up modem, or BNS asynchronous connection.

Field Updates

When new applications as well as application updates become available, the DT-6061 and DT-6160 can be updated using an industry standard FTP application.


As you migrate the corporate network from BNS legacy devices towards IP-based devices, consider this low cost solution that remains as a part of your network even after the BNS network diminishes.


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