CBM Powerkit



    Product Description

    CBM-PowerKit consists of an interface board and software which enables IBM RISC Systems/6000 systems to connect directly to any Lucent Technologies Datakit VCS/BNS network. The product is supported on RISC System/6000 systems that contain an ISA bus interface and are running aly level of AIX 4.2 or greater.


    CBM-PowerKit offers a high speed, multiplexed data path between the VCS/BNS network and the host via a fiber obtic link. Prior to CBM-PowerKit, AIX systems could only be connected to the VCS/BNS data switch network via X.25 circuits. CBM-PowerKit provides compatibility with existing implementations of CommKit from Lucent Technologies. Typical applications of CBM-PowerKit are in terminal-to-host, and host-to-host interconnection over the Wide Area Network as well as resource sharing and file transfer.


    RISC System/6000 Uniprocessor and SMP systems with available ISA I/O Space. (RISC System/6000 SP systems are currently under evaluation.)

    Four interface adapters per RISC System/6000 system (each supporting up to 512 channels per adapter). Actual capacity is dependent upon the available I/O space on the system.

      AIX Version 4.2 or greater. (Contact ICBM if your require support for an earlier release of AIX Version 4.)

    Extension of the logical network through an enhanced server table

    Lucent Technologies®ISA Fiber Host Interface Adapter. (PCI adapter support is currently being evaluated. Contact CBM for your specific requirements.)

    Installation of a dedicated AT&T CPM-HS (Computer Port Module-High Speed) interface module in the VCS/BNS node.

    Technical Support

    Purchase of CBM-PowerKit includes 60 days of basic configuration and installation support per system unit. The support period starts when the system is registered with CBM. Additional support and consulting services are available from CBM on an hourly basis.

    CBM offers a full range of technical support, training, networking and consuslting services for BNS-2000 VCS, BNS-2000, AIX, RISC System/6000, Cisco System, Bay Networks, and AT&T 3B poroduct lines.


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