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Forward Link, a division of CBM of America, announces partnership agreement with Anritsu

August 1, Forward Link and Anritsu announce a partnership agreement.

"Our RF engineers needed equipment that was rugged, feature rich, and had world-class support. Anritsu was the only choice. Nobody even comes close," said Michael C. Stephens, CBM of America's President and CEO. "Anritsu has focused on wireless carriers for decades and has consistently demonstrated a customer-first attitude, so we share many of the same values."

CBM of America, Inc. to Exhibit Four New Products at NXTcomm08

REUTERS -- DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Jun 10, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CBM of America, Inc. announces the release of four new products at NXTcomm08. All of these exciting products were "customer designed" specifically to address the many technological challenges that they are encountering within the central office and data center environment.

Products include:

  • The CBM IP-MPA - a single port multiple protocol IP mediation device.
  • The CBM Smart Protocol Cable (SPC) - a smarter Cisco Smart Serial Cable
  • The CBM MIT Panel - the only NEBS 3 certified multi-slotted Optical Isolation Patch available anywhere.
  • The CBM Pancho 16 Patch Panel - eliminates the need for octal cables on Cisco Equipment

Industry Leaders Discuss the Importance of NXTcomm08

"This is the first NXTcomm show for CBM of America, Inc. CBM's innovative technology is the best kept secret in the industry, and after waiting for over 20 years to introduce "us", we felt that there was no better venue than NXTcomm to have our "coming out" party."

-- Michael C. Stephens, President & CEO, CBM of America, Inc.

Network Capacity, More Affordable Communications, New Services Top of Mind for NXTcomm Exhibitors

Excerpt from News

"The key to our customers' survival, in this extremely competitive entertainment delivery industry, will depend upon their ability to quickly deliver the most exciting and reliable content possible, while at the same time minimizing the time it takes to deliver these services, and reducing the cost associated with each subscriber turn-up. While they must aggressively fund the growth of these new services, they must also figure out a way to reduce the cost of ownership of legacy switch and transport infrastructure, while extending the life of that imbedded legacy investment for at least the next 10 years. The cost associated with maintaining this old wireline infrastructure, while wireline subscribers are dropping off like flies, will continue to be a major challenge," said CBM of America, Inc Michael C. Stephens, President & CEO.

MRV Strengthens Carrier Market Presence With CBM of America Partnership

CHATSWORTH, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MRV Communications, Inc., a leading provider of optical Ethernet access solutions, today announced that newly certified MRV gold partner, CBM of America, will market and sell the MRV NEBS certified LX-8000 series of console servers, an industry first, to the carrier marketplace.

Announcing the Single Port IP-MPA (IP Multi Protocol Adapter)

CBM's newest IP mediation product, and was specifically designed to cost-effectively address the daunting challenges and growing costs associated with migrating legacy network element connections to IP based networks in the central office.

The IP-MPA technology is a 4th generation product, and incorporates over 10 years of R&D in central office network element mediation. It is the only single port device of its kind that has been certified under the rigorous NEBS Level 3 criteria.

With a plethora of protocols (including full BX.25, X.25, HDLC, SDLC), installable feature packages, personality modules, and supporting many serial interfaces such as RS-232/V.11/RS530/RS449, the CBM IP-MPA provides the most cost effective single port mediation device available anywhere.

The CBM IP-MPA was designed, and manufactured, in partnership with TeleComp R&D Corp. TeleComp R&D has designed & supported protocol mediation solutions for large and small deployments for over 25 years.


2004 Verizon Supplier Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that CBM has been awarded Verizon's prestigious Supplier Excellence Award.

In a letter dated March 21 CBM was informed that "CBM of America has been selected as a recipient of Verizon's 2004 Supplier Excellence Award, recognizing your outstanding effort and achievement in demonstrating performance excellence."

Verizon's 2004 Supplier Excellence Award (SEA) Program recognizes those suppliers of products and services who achieved overall performance excellence during 2004. Verizon's SEA program is a corporate-wide program facilitated by the Supply Chain Services Quality Management organization for which nominees are sought from Verizon Communications.

Listings of all the 2004 Award winners are availble on Verizon's website.