CBM is a recognized leader of data switching in the telecommunications technology market specializing in the Lucent Technologies BNS-2000 VCS, Cisco, MRV, Adtran, and Datatek product lines.

Be sure to visit our Product Overviews section where you can see how CBM expands BNS-2000 VCS functionality to the next level with products like the DT-6061 Embedded Network Processor, which can perform a myriad of conversion functions in your network, to the OptoIso 232-24 to protect your Network Elements, the Enhanced SAM, and our newest offerings, the BNS over IP and IP over BNS products.

But There's More...

Over the last year, several very exciting changes have occurred at CBM. The following are just a few of our expanded services/products:

  • CBM is now a Software Company.

    We provide the CBM PowerKIT for AIX. CBM PowerKIT provides fiber connectivity between your BNS 2000/VCS node and IBM Risc System/6000 systems.

  • CBM is a manufacturing company.

    We have developed and are manufacturing our own "improved" TERM32 Module for the SAM64/504, an expanded SAM128, an optically isolated 24 port patch panel, and an IP Bridge for routing SAM URP traffic over a CO LAN network.

  • CBM is an Installation Company

    We provide on-site installations of all Lucent, Cisco, MRV, Adtran, and Datatek product lines.

  • CBM offers Networking Products and Services.

    We offer a multi-vendor array of products (such as routers, terminal servers and IP switches) and the services to integrate them to fulfill your needs.

  • CBM is a solution integrator.

    We have the skills and staff to work with your team and develop a total solution for your networking requirements. CBM can assist by providing a needs analysis, followed by product rollout, (which includes staging, pre-integrating and testing of components), special packaging, labeling, shipping and installation assistance.